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Board of Directors

DPLS is governed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is made up of private attorneys and client representatives from across the DPLS service area. The Board of Directors sets the program priorities for DPLS and helps govern DPLS through financial review, strategic planning, and continually focusing on the legal needs of our current and potential clients by implementing a clear vision for carrying out the DPLS mission.

What do DPLS board members do?


Board members attend quarterly board meetings each year throughout the state to give input and vote on DPLS policies. Lodging and lunch are provided to all board members, and stipends are provided to client board members to attend board meetings in person, though board members can also attend board meetings by Zoom.

Board members also participate in specialized committees within the DPLS Board of Directors, such as the Finance Committee and Strategic Planning Committee. These committees may meet multiple times throughout the year, often remotely.

Become a DPLS Board Member

DPLS currently has open client board member positions. Client board members play an important role in DPLS governance. To be a client board member, one must live in the DPLS service area and be eligible for DPLS services. Apply to be a board member by downloading and completing the application and emailing it to Executive Director, Thomas Mortland at or applying at your local DPLS office.

Current Board Members
Shane Pullman, Chair

Shaun Eastman

Rachel Hale

Bear Hand Sr.

Leroy Greaves

B.J. Jones

William Craig Lafferty

Marlys Langdeau-Medicine Bird

Melissa Neville

Alvin R. Pahlke

William Palmier

Joseph Ashley Parr

Terry Pechota

Gavin Pochop

Brandy Rhead

Reginald Rowland

Tracye Sherrill

Loretta Stone

Rose Ann Wendell

Joseph White Bear Claws

Jennifer Wounded Knee

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