Self Help

Check out the following resources for information about or assistance with a variety of legal issues in the state of South Dakota

SD Law Help has information on many legal issues and helpful tips on how to represent yourself in court. Want to know what a Power of Attorney is or what Guardianship is? Check out the topic pages on SD Law Help.

The Unified Judicial System of South Dakota has a large selection of self-help materials for those filing in state court. Find forms for things from divorce, parenting, veteran resources, criminal, small claims, and preparing for court.

Access to Justice (A2J) provides free legal help to eligible individuals in South Dakota through volunteer attorneys. A2J also offers a modest means program which provides legal services at a reduced cost. Check out A2J to find out more and apply.

The South Dakota Coalition Ending Domestic & Sexual Violence is committed to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of women and their children. They have information on escaping violence and contact information for shelters and resources.

The Indian Law Resource Center offers information on issues often faced by tribal nations and Native individuals. Resources are available to learn more about widespread issues such as human rights and environmental protection.

The South Dakota State Bar keeps a list of free and low-cost legal resources available within South Dakota. Check out the list on their website for helpful resources and legal organizations in the state.

SD Free Legal Answers lets eligible individuals ask civil legal questions and receive answers from licensed attorneys. To apply and ask a question all online, check out SD Free Legal Answers.

The South Dakota Unified Judicial System provides information about all of the state courts in South Dakota. Find e-services that can be completed online as well as resources about filing in South Dakota state courts.

The South Dakota Department of Human Services is home to the state departments that serve older South Dakotans and South Dakotans with disabilities. Resources are available to learn how to apply for a variety of services.

The National Indian Child Welfare Association offers information and resources on keeping Native families together and preventing neglect and child abuse.



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